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European Utility Week, 4-6 November 2014

European Utility Week is the new brand which unites three previous landmark events: Metering, Billing/CRM Europe, Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe and Smart Homes under one single banner. Europe’s biggest and best smart energy event offers so much more than just these three co-located events.

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Annual InnoGrid2020, 25-26 March 2014

Following the 2nd successful InnoGrid2020+, the European transmission and distribution research and development conference held in February 2013, EDSO for Smart Grids, ENTSO-E and GRID+ are holding the 3rd Annual InnoGrid2020+. It will take place on 25-26 March 2014, at The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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Bringing intelligence to Europe’s grids – 5 case studies

Smart meters will be a central part of delivering a more efficient and reliable network. However, the real benefit comes from the smart grid that they enable. The ambitious targets for smart meter deployment across Europe are helping drive a revolution in the way we think about energy and the way we plan our investment in infrastructure. If successful, there is the potential for a truly smart network that enables a low carbon economy, giving security of supply in a way that is affordable for consumers.

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EBRD to increase funding for smart meters, smart grid

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is to step up its support for smart metering and smart grids under a new strategy that will guide its investments in the energy and natural resources sector for the next five years. This follows similar moves earlier this year by the World Bank and European Investment Bank.

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Denmark – smart grid strategy

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building has recently published its strategy setting the course for development of a smart grid which can “make the green transition cheaper, provide savings on electricity bills and help promote new services and products to the benefit of consumers.”

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The success of the smart grid hinges on consumer education

The ultimate success of the smart grid will depend on consumers taking a more proactive role in their daily energy management. Thus, getting to the pulse of what consumers really know and understand about energy is half the battle in engaging and educating consumers on the array of benefits that an advanced grid provides. Through in-depth research, the industry will be able to get a better grasp of how to educate and engage consumers on the value of new products and services that can come from a modernized grid. Continue Reading →

Resource Release: Voices of Experience Guide

The U.S. Department of Energy released Voices of Experience: Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement today at the National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid in Washington, D.C. This newly-released document compiles information on the successful approaches used by electric utilities to engage customers in smart grid technology and deployments.

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