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Now utilities can tell customers how much energy each appliance uses

It must be at least a decade since I first heard the idea of “disaggregating” electric bills. The idea back then was to “listen” for the electric signatures of different appliances and gradually figure out which appliances were using how much power. Now a variation on this theme is in operation, as you will read in this guest editorial from Salim Popatia of Ecotagious. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s good enough in your territory. But I agree with his premise that this level of detail — this ability to see which devices in your home or business are consuming the most electricity — can be a powerful tool and motivator for customers.   Continue Reading →

How Opower sells energy efficiency to utilities

At first glance, Opower’s mission—“to motivate everyone on earth to save energy”—seems to be in direct opposition to the electric utility business model. Which is, at its most basic level, to sell electricity. None of this would be a problem if Opower didn’t work directly with utilities. But Opower—one of the largest and fastest-growing energy efficiency companies in the country—partners with 90 utilities to reach 22 million of their residential customers around the world. So what’s the catch?  Continue Reading →

New research shows consumers are happy with smart meters

Research from uSwitch has shown that households which have smart meters are not only enjoying more accurate billing but are also more satisfied with their energy providers. The survey revealed that 92% of households with a smart meter are happy to have it and a further 87% would recommend having one installed. The findings suggest that recently voiced concerns regarding how the population would respond to a general rollout of smart meters are misplaced.

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