London Forum: CEER calls for competitive markets with active consumers to deliver the “New Deal” for Europe’s energy consumers

At the Citizens’ Energy (London) Forum (23-24 February)1, Věra Jourová, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, promised a “new deal”² for all energy consumers.
President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)³, Lord Mogg, welcomed the Commission’s “new deal” as a “major step towards putting customers at the centre of EU policy”, adding that the “new deal” and regulators’ “2020 Vision for Energy Customers”4 are fully aligned.
The need for a “fit-for-purpose” market design that puts consumers at the centre

CEER President explained that the “new deal” requires a “fit-for-purpose” energy market design with flexibility to allow the market to deliver the benefits of competition and to innovate.

Explaining what good energy markets should look like, Lord Mogg said: “A well-functioning energy market is a competitive and innovative market that works in the interest of the consumer, and fully involved consumers. Consumers need protection but also to be empowered to be actively engaged in markets”.

Removing barriers will help deliver the New Deal

CEER works5 in a number of areas to help consumers. Our work complements perfectly the Commission’s view of key driving forces for the “new deal”6. Recent examples include CEER’s retail paper7, CEER’s work on the future role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs)8, a forthcoming paper on removing barriers to switching, work on price comparison tools (PCTs), and a roadmap towards competitive and innovative retail energy markets by 2025.

Working together to deliver the New Deal

CEER is committed to engaging with all players in concrete ways to deliver the “new deal”. Praising the joint efforts of Eurelectric, Eurogas and BEUC to improve the comparability of offers, Lord Mogg stated:

“We see the joint statement of industry and BEUC aimed at improving the comparability of offers as a means to implement the 2020 Customer Vision and to really put consumers first. It very much fits with our metric on the percentage of suppliers using minimum standards for key information in advertising and bills. This new BEUC-industry standard can feed into our market monitoring work”.

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