Hespul Association
14, place Jules Ferry
FR – 69006 Lyon
Hespul is a non-for profit organisation pioneer in grid-connected PV in France. It has widen its expertise to include energy efficiency and other types of renewable energy (wood in particular). Hespul also has activities in the domain of smart grid development related to the management of local production and energy savings, and in web-based information and survey tools. Hespul promotes RUE and RES through technical, social and educational activities.
Gas Electricity of Grenoble
49, rue Félix Esclangon
BP 183
FR – 38042 Grenoble
Gaz Electricité de Grenoble is a local utility company, whose major lines of activities include the distribution and supply of electricity (France’s 6th electricity distributor) and gas (France’s 4th gas distributor), electricity production from renewable energy sources and the management of Grenoble’s street public lighting.GEG is in charge of the electricity distribution in Grenoble and in Montsapey, natural gas distribution in Grenoble, and propane or natural gas distribution in 32 municipalities of Isère. Its missions are to develop, to operate the electricity and gas network and to assure security, reliability and efficiency. All activities are ISO 9001 certified.
Local Energy and Climate Agency of Grenoble Conurbation
14 avenue Benoît Franchon
FR – 38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères
ALEC is the local energy and climate agency of the greater Grenoble area. It was created in 1998, as part of the SAVE program. Their role is to support the introduction of good energy management practices, to provide information and guidance for all kinds of consumers, and several other services based on the specific local energy needs.The fields of action of ALEC are: rational use of energy and RES in housing/buildings, in the public and private sector; local planning and development of urban infrastructures; sustainable transport; development of local energy efficient systems using local and renewable sources.