Above and beyond the immediate challenges related to smart meter implementation lies a new and ultimately decisive goal to be achieved: engaging this ‘new’ energy consumer. EMPOWERING focuses on this goal by bringing together technical and social science based tasks to assist ambitious utility companies to inform their customers about the new metering system and about the advantages it offers to use their energy more efficiently and to save energy and money.

In this section, you’ll find an overview of the delivered documents as well as communication material that have been developed within the EMPOWERING project.

Requirements and use cases definition

The process of developing the EMPOWERING services starts with the analysis of the users’ requirements. The objective was to establish the service and data requirements needed to develop the services. The process of the collection of requirement has been performed in two iterations. In the second iteration, the previously defined requirements have been revised considering the results from the initial prototype testing and user feedback.

The reports below provide the basis for the final service specification and implementation of the EMPOWERING services.

Download Report on Service and Data Requirements

Download Report on Customer Expectations

Download Report on Use Cases

Download Report on legal, regulatory and data protection requirements

Service definition

The first version of the specifications serves as a basis for the further development of the initial prototypes at the pilots, assuring the coupling of the informative billing and online applications with the insight engine. The document also covers non-functional aspects of service implementation, namely visualisation, usability and data security. Regarding data security, the deliverable states in practice how this criteria will be ensured, following recommendations made in the ‘Report on legal, regulatory and data protection requirements’ (see above).

Download Initial specifications of the EMPOWERING architecture, informative billing, online and insight engine software packages

Download Specifications of the EMPOWERING architecture, informative billing, online and insight engine software packages

Service implementation and test

The reports below represent the initial and the second version of implementation of the software packages and services in the EMPOWERING project. It presents the status of the development of the central analytical engine (Insight Engine), API for data exchange and the initial development of the billing and online tools at the utilities.

Download First report on initial software implementation and test

Download Second report on software implementation and test

Download Training material on customer capacity building for widespread application

Download Utilities interviews: recommendations about capacity building

Over the months of April to September 2014, the French partners, GEG, Hespul, ALEC and subcontractor Stéphane Labranche, expert researcher on energy sociology from Grenoble’s School of Political Sciences (IEP Grenoble), have led an extensive sociological study on the barriers and motivations to energy efficiency and energy savings by diving in the perceptions of test users of the EMPOWERING campaign.

Download Sociological study in the French pilot

Download “EMPOWERING”: De l’information énergétique à la sobriété (FR)

Download Conclusion of the sociological study in the French pilot

Widespread application

At this phase the developed services were applied over the experimental group of users planned for the project, and were operated with their complete functionality. The overall objectives were to achieve measurable savings in the energy end‐use within the project duration and to engage the energy customers with their utility by opening up the metering system and sharing the information for mutual benefit.

This manual contains training courses concept for the customer care/technical staff of the utilities. The customer care  and IT staff were trained to assure that the service and data management/processing were run properly.

Download Staff training manual, documentation and e-learning course

This report represents the planning and the team organisation at each pilot site and documents the system introduction to the experimental group of customers. The deliverable indicates the degree of implementation achieved and any significant deviations from the plan, corrective action taken and resulting modifications to the plan. A summary of the dissemination campaign carried out at each pilot site is also included.

Download Pilot plan, system introduction and dissemination campaign

The practical experiences (technical, social and economic challenges) of the 4 utility companies and their customers with the implementation of the EMPOWERING services were summarised. It’s a guideline for new utilities to avoid problems by detecting them in advance and by providing recommendations on how to perform better.

Download Practical experiences of widespread application of additional services of EMPOWERING

Evaluation of results

We’ve set criteria and a methodology for evaluation of the results through the different phases of the project. The report describes the evaluation toolkit available to all pilot sites for the evaluation of the performances of EMPOWERING in terms of customer satisfaction and energy savings. The methodologies inserted in this report aim to provide a tool that will be used to define the starting point (baseline) and the final impacts of the services.

Download Evaluation Framework Methodology for EMPOWERING

The baseline situation provides an assessment of the initial situation at the pilot sites, focusing on the level of energy consumption and satisfaction with the energy saving information provided to the customers at the pilot sites before the start of the implementation of the EMPOWERING services.

Download Baseline situation in the pilot sites

In the reports below, the outcomes from the evaluation of the EMPOWERING project are reported, with detailed analysis of each pilot sites involved in the projects. The quantification of the service impact over the energy consumption and the changes in user behaviour and satisfaction with services offered by the utilities is provided. An approximate estimation of the service cost is presented and the future viability of the services is commented in view of the obtained results.

Download Report on the evaluation of the EMPOWERING outcomes v1

Download Report on the evaluation of the EMPOWERING outcomes v2

Communication and Dissemination Activities

By sharing knowledge and providing practical guidelines and tools for a wider adoption, the EMPOWERING project was on track to achieve durable impact among the European utilities involved and for their customers. Within the EMPOWERING project, extensive internal and external communication and dissemination activities were provided to promote the ideas, concepts and results of the project among the stakeholders.

Download Communication strategy and visual identity

Download Communication material for enhancing customer response

Download Final report on the utility sector engagement & potential replication

Download Final report on communication