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CEER 2016 Customer Conference, 11 July 2016

CEER’s Annual Customer Conference represents our focus on customers within CEER. Its aim is to further strengthen the collaboration between National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and consumer bodies and to exchange views and experiences with relevant stakeholders on the most prominent consumer issues.

“Consumers as key energy market players” are the central focus of the 2016 CEER Customer Conference, which presents an opportunity to concentrate on the actions needed to deliver the Energy Union “New Deal” to consumers.

Participants will explore the ways in which consumers themselves can contribute to the energy transition by taking on a more active role in the market. For this change to take place, consumers must be aware of the existing possibilities and empowered to actively engage.

The event will take the format of interactive panel discussions focusing on three key steps: listening to consumers; empowering consumers; and engaging consumers to play an active role as key energy market players.

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