logo_partner_LINZ-AG_100pxLINZ AG für Energie, Telekommunikation, Verkehr und Kommunale Dienste
Wiener Straße 151
Postfach 1300
A – 4021 Linz



LINZ AG is a local provider of energy and infrastructure in Upper Austria. LINZ AG is run as an active management holding with four operative subsidiaries and with one subsidiary for shared services. The formation of LINZ AG in 2000 took place especially with regard to the deregulation of the energy markets.

LINZ AG is a multi utility provider, whose companies are responsible

  • for energy production and electricity distribution and sales, and for telecommunications;
  • for gas supply and distribution, and for district heating;
  • for supplying the infrastructure with water, for the disposal of waste and wastewater, for community services such as the harbour, public swimming pools, as well as for funerals (interments) and cemeteries;
  • for all forms of public transport.

From the participation of LINZ AG in the EMPOWERING project new inputs for the motivation of customers for energy savings are expected.