The specific and measurable objectives are to develop a range of insight based services and software tools, to engage customers of utility companies:

  • Billing information
    Rethinking the information provided on energy bills so that it provides customers with insight into their energy consumption (comparisons with similar households, indications of performance improvements over time, etc.).
  • Online tools
    Make useful tools available for pro-active customer (e.g. enable personalised monitoring and targeting for those interested in more than can be provided by the monthly bill).
  • Energy alerts service
    Exploit smart meter capabilities to provide personalised and timely information.
    Provision of personalised near‐real time information such as high consumption alerts, extreme temperature alerts, etc. via e‐mail, SMS, smart phone applications and so on.
  • Integration with customer service
    Use the information gleaned from the other aspects to provide a better customer profile and integrate this with the customer service tools (at call centres for example) so that the response given when the customer contacts the company is informed, friendly, relevant and sympathetic to the degree of interest, involvement and commitment of the customer.
  • Insight engine
    Aiming to provide the precise information required to inspire and motivate the customer at the right moment and with the right frequency. This can be achieved by data‐mining techniques and by the progressive acquisition of a more detailed personalised customer profile.